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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Inspirations

Celebrity inspirations for plastic surgery are the focus of this interview with Dr. Widder, one of Northern Virginia’s Top Plastic Surgeons. The rising popularity in butt augmentation has been influenced by Hollywood’s shapely stars including Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and even Nicki Minaj have peaked interest in a more uplifting posterior for many patients.

hollywood plastic surgery inspirations

Q: Which celebrities have the butt shapes that women most want to achieve with buttock implant surgery?

Well, the two celebrities most talked about for their butt size and shape are Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.  Some women seeking buttock augmentation have aspirations to achieve butts similar to  theirs.  You also have Nicki Minaj, but, in my opinion,  don’t try to imitate her butt size.  That doesn’t mean there’s  anything wrong with Nicki Minaj, it’s just that she has elected to have a butt outside of the normal size range.  She’s an entertainer so for her it is part of her performance.  However, what I try to create is a natural-looking butt that is attractive, proportionate, and not excessive in size to a point that it might cause sagginess later in life.

Q: Suppose someone came to you and said, “Make my butt look like Kim Kardashian’s.”  How would you go about it?  What are the features that stand out and how do you go about achieving them?

I really never studied her butt in detail because  they never really show it in detail  or good angles angles.  From the images that I see, I have an idea that it’s a nice, large butt.  My goal is to create fullness on the top of the butt, projection in the mid-section of the butt, and then extend it laterally so that it creates fullness on the side of the butt .  A lot of people have a  depression in the lateral area and many of my patients ask me to fill it up.  Some of them ask me if I can do fat injection there, and I tell them if I would do fat injection, it will most likely disappear within few months. Instead, I enlarge the pockets laterally ,  so the implant  fills up those sections of the butt.

Not everybody is interested in a fuller lateral butt.  Some of them want it a little tighter which makes them look more muscular.  People are different.  Everyone has a different goal and a different image of how they look in their mind.  When they come to the consultation, we discuss everything and I ask them, “What will make you satisfied?  What will make you happy with the way your butt looks?” For most of them, they want to look full on the top,  have a projection in the middle and  fullness laterally.  Some of them though, don’t want that lateral fullness.  Depending on their preference, I can place the implant a little further from or closer to the midline – the crack between the cheeks.  If I place it closer, it gives a tighter, a more muscular look.  If I push it a little bit laterally, it gives a more feminine, full look.

Q: What is more common among famous celebrity butts?  Are they more athletic or more feminine?

I think that they are more feminine.  J Lo and Kim Kardashian are fuller laterally.  There are other celebrities that have good size butts as well, and for most women, it is the femininity that interests them.  Most women I encounter don’t want to have any sharp angles, and the muscular look is more sharp-edged.  However, as I said before,  some people want that.  They are athletic and want to have the appearance of being in good shape.  The majority though, want the femininity, the roundedness, and the nice silhouette they can achieve along the hips and the lateral thighs.

Q: Do you think it is mostly size or shape that concerns patients when they come to you for buttock implants?

Well, it’s a combination.  As I mentioned, we talk about the shape beforehand and I adjust the procedure accordingly.  And patients are definitely interested in the size.  Sometimes it takes patients a little while to recognize the full effect of the change in size.  I had two different patients and I gave each of them the largest implants that I use – 565 cc.  They were both unhappy.  They thought it wasn’t big enough.  Then both of them at different times went to South Beach, Florida.  When they came back from there, they were happy.  They had gotten so much attention there because of their butts that they realized they’d made the right choice.

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