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Common Butt Implant Questions and Answers

In this interview, Dr. Widder answers some of the common questions people have about butt implants including the prevalence of implants among men, the number of operations he has performed, types of implants and techniques.

butt implant Q&A

Q: About how many butt augmentations do you do a year for women?

It’s becoming more and more popular.  I’ve done hundreds of buttock augmentation procedures in over ten years.  I’d say that since January I’ve done an average of 1 or 2 a week, about 6 to 8 in a month, so that’s anywhere from 70 to a hundred annually.

Q: How many butt implants have you done for men?  

I haven’t done many for men.  A handful.  Most of the patients are obviously women.  Through the years, I’ve probably done butt augmentation on between 5 and 10 men, but in that same time, there were hundreds for women.

Q: Does the kind of implant you use differ for men and for women?

No, I use the same shape implant for men and women. So far I have had positive feedback from the men. They all liked the results.  You’d think there would be a difference in the buttock implant needs for men and for women, but there’s really not much of a difference.

The difference between men and women is the muscularity.  There is the muscular component and the pelvis tends to be a little wider in women than in men, but as far as the actual buttocks, they look almost the same. In my experience, I didn’t have any objection from either men or women for using this type of implant.

Q: What kind of implants do you favor for buttock augmentation?

There are two types of implants – one is the oval round and it has a kind of gradual spread of the silicone from top to bottom.  Then you have the oval bubble, where most of the silicone is concentrated at the bottom of the implant.  It gives the person a kind of bump or protrusion at the lower buttock and flatness at the upper buttock.  I don’t like that shape.

The shape I like is the oval round shape because it’s the most anatomical.  There are doctors who are also using the round shape, but I don’t think the round shape is natural.  If you look at the shape of the butt, male or female, it’s oblong.  It goes all the way from the posterior iliac crest down to the crease. It’s not round; it’s more elongated.  If you want to create a funny-looking butt then you can use around one.  If someone wants the round type I just say I don’t feel comfortable doing it.  Moreover, the round implant isn’t really right anatomically and you can feel it.  I used round implants many, many years ago when I was just starting out and I used the method of placing implants under the muscle.  The problem with that is that the implant can’t be very big and it can’t go all the way down towards the crease because it will hurt the sciatic nerve.  The implants have to stay high up and it doesn’t look natural – it looks like a bubble on top of the butt.

The biggest compliment I get today from my patients is that my work looks natural.  People can’t see that anything was done.  People tell me, “They think I was born like this.”  Whether it’s a butt or facelift or the breasts, to me that’s the biggest compliment I can get professionally.  You can see that some buttock surgery creates butts that are too round and big and unnatural.  If a patient wants that, they can go to somebody else.  I want to feel good about what I’m doing.  I want to help people to have fun in life, to look acceptable to both men and women, and to not be looked at as strange human beings.  If someone wants to have a very natural, beautiful butt – the nice shape I call the “Arabian horse butt” – then I’m their doctor.

Q: How many techniques are there for buttock augmentation and which do you currently use?

There are different anatomical areas where the implant can be placed.  You can put it under the fascia, in the muscle, or under the muscle.  I use the subfascial method.  In my opinion, that is the best way of doing it because it is a natural plane.  If you go under the muscle, you are limited to a very small implant.  If you go intramuscular, you can place a bigger implant, but not as big as what I’m doing.    The biggest I’ve done  565 cc. The implants manufacturer offers larger implants as custom made, but the cost is much higher.  You wouldn’t be able to put in such a big implant with the intramuscular technique.  The intramuscular is also more painful. Recovery is more difficult and there are more complications because you have ha igher risk of  bleeding.  With my method, there are very little bleeding problems that can occur.  So, I think the subfascial method is the best.

Q: Are more men becoming interested in buttock augmentation surgery?

 The Internet is the great equalizer.  Everyone can see it and they can decide if they want to do it or not. I had a man call me the other day from Ohio who wants to do it.  Then on the other hand, for every one call from a man I get 10 or 15 from women.  So interested men are still a minority, but they’re out there.  If a man wants the surgery, the information is out there and they can definitely approach me.

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