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How To Choose the Best Butt Size

My patients have many questions about butt implant sizes. In fact, it is one of the first and most common questions when someone is considering butt augmentation. In this interview, Dr. Widder discusses his butt implant technique and the process he uses for helping patients decide on a size that is right for them.

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565cc is a good size, and so far that’s the biggest I have used. It is also the most popular size in my practice.  The company I work with can make them bigger, but those are much more expensive because they’re custom made.  Most of the plastic surgeons in America use smaller implants than the ones I use because many of them create the pocket under the muscle or inside the muscle – submuscular or intramuscular.  They are limited as far as size.  One of the advantages of my subfascial technique – placing the implant on top of the muscle and under the fascia – is that it allows for a much larger implant.  I can go bigger than what I use, but the cost may be intimidating for some potential patients.  The 565cc is “off the shelf” and the company has a lot of them.  The price is reasonable.  If you go with the custom made, the bigger the implant, the more expensive it becomes. It also takes 2 -4 weeks to deliver, whereas the other implants are readily available.  In the future, if people request bigger size implants, it will also become an off-the-shelf item and the price will come down.

Another factor is that if you go with an implant that is too heavy, it can cause sagginess.  Breasts, when they’re heavy, will droop.  This can also happen with the butt.  Some people don’t think about the long term and just want to have the immediate result and enjoy it.  That’s fine.  I adapt to the needs and desires of the person, but I do let each patient know about that possibility of sagging.

Q: Can you predict by a person’s body type or other factors how large of a butt implant is likely to cause eventual sagging?  How do you advise them?

Certain tell-tale signs can help you assess the situation.  For example, if a patient already has stretch marks, it’s a sign that the skin may not be resilient enough.  If they already have sagginess, that is another indication.  Contributing factors may include diet and less activity as we age.  Mainly, sagginess is due to loss of muscle.  The envelope – which is the skin – becomes too big.  In this case, if you place the implant too low, you make the sagginess worse.  So my approach is to discuss and choose the right implant size based on these factors.  I also take care to keep the implant high enough so it lifts up the skin and doesn’t droop and worsen the sagginess.  My goal is to create a long-lasting, very attractive butt that is proportionate with the rest of the body.

 Q: Is there anything patients can do, for example with diet or exercise, that can help prevent sagging?

Not really.  It’s basically genetic.  There’s not much you can do about the elasticity of the skin.  You can hydrate yourself well, but that is a minor thing that in the larger scheme doesn’t make a great deal of difference.  What people can do is exercise and increase the size of the muscle, but that’s tough.  Many people don’t have the time or energy.  The main thing I do is to focus on the technical aspect of the procedure.  I stay up high with the implant and don’t place it too close to the crease.  I had one patient who was considering going with a bigger implant than I recommended to her.  I told her that she could experience early sagginess or even wound dehiscence – separation of the wound causing problematic healing.  Eventually, she agreed with me and had a smaller implant.  We chose a good size that was not excessive.

So, that’s how I approach it.  It’s similar to what happened recently with another patient – a woman who is 68 years old.  We used a nicely sized implant and stayed up high.  It gave her the projection and tightened the skin.  Her skin in that area now looks like the skin of a 30-year-old woman.  The extra skin by the crease was pulled up, and now, she  has very little redundancy.  A bigger implant might have pulled the skin up more, but then she might have had eventual sagginess.  There has to be  a certain balance.

Q: Are patients generally happy with the size of the implants they have chosen?

Whenever I have a consultation, we discuss sizes and the possibility of going larger than the standard, if they like.  I also let them know the pros and cons of going larger and that it would be more expensive.  It’s ultimately their decision. So far, no one has asked for bigger than the 565cc. They might have thought about it , but did not ask for it.  A few felt after the fact that the buttock implants were too small , but they eventually accepted and like the size.   Two of my patient who were unhappy with the size initially, took a vacation to South Beach and got so many compliments that they came back happy and the size issue did not come up again.

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