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Achieving an S-Curve Figure with Butt Augmentation

The S Curve Figure

Many women are interested in achieving the sexy s-curve figure like celebrity beauties Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.  In this interview, Dr. Widder talks about accentuating natural beauty with buttock augmentation surgery.

 Q: In the spring, many women start to think about getting ready for bikini season. How can you help them look bikini-ready?  

Buttock augmentation surgery is a great option.  Recovery time is quick.  Everyone wants to look good on the beach, and this is one way to look your best in the summertime.  Women don’t want to feel like they have to cover up while so many people are stripping down to their bathing suits.  While other buttock enhancement procedures give variable or ineffective results, my butt augmentation surgery produces almost immediate, natural-looking results.

Q: Buttock augmentation can change appearance, but how do you think it changes outlook or attitude?

Butt augmentation is very much about precise body sculpting to achieve a certain look, but I think it potentially does a lot more than that. Sometimes women have the surgery to regain a sense of their attractiveness.  It makes them feel sexier and so it can enhance that aspect of life.  Patients also often report a greater sense of overall confidence.

Q: What other methods are people using for enhancing rear assets?

Whenever summer is just around the corner, you’ll find many women trying skin firming creams to get their butts in shape. That kind of method, realistically, requires months.  Sometimes results are only slight, and sometimes it really doesn’t work at all.  The good thing about my surgery technique is that a patient will see the results immediately.  It is also a very individual process – I tailor the surgery to match the wishes of each individual.

Q: If someone is not quite ready to undergo surgery, what can they do to look good during the summer season?

If someone is not ready for buttock augmentation, she can still seek out the best bathing suit for her shape.  I suggest string bikinis, ruffled bottoms, graphic prints, and side tie bottoms.  All these styles help create the illusion of a full, round bottom.  They add a curvy look by creating a sense of volume and drawing attention to the hips.

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