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Taking Your Butt to the Heights of Perfection

height of butt perfection

Size and shape are the key attributes in buttock beauty. When it comes to producing ideal curves and roundness, perfecting the visual proportions of your body, you won’t want to rely on hindsight: get it right the first time with Dr. Shlomo Widder.

More and more, people are becoming aware of the impact the buttocks have on the overall figure. Such celebrities as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj dominate the red carpet, their clothes hanging perfectly from their ideal curvature. Some are graced with such shapes from their genes on up, but the odds are against us: this is where Dr. Widder’s work becomes so valuable.

“My main objective is to make sure that each patient walks away more than satisfied,” says Dr. Widder from his Vienna, VA practice. At Widder Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center, the priorities are simple – safety first, results second. That being said, the only acceptable result is a beautiful behind!

Many women have found that there are a variety of ways in which they can accentuate their buttocks by choosing the right clothing. For greatest effect, and the sexiest butt, specialized underwear such as butt enhancing panties and the booty pad can be put to use. Pants also have a role to play. Low waistlines and form-fitting jeans can help emphasize the right shape and fullness; lighter shades of denim are always to be preferred. Even the added touch of large back pockets is useful in achieving the desired effect. Velvet, corduroy, suede and faux leather are good alternatives, too, while pinstripes tend to diminish the perceived size of the buttocks.

The measures listed above are not always enough, however. While some might be tempted to turn to such trendy techniques as the Brazilian lift or fat injections, Dr. Widder strongly cautions against anything other than the tried and true use of buttock implants. Implants are known to provide a more predictably consistent shape and longer-lasting results than competing procedures.

“Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal decision. No two procedures are exactly the same,” says the good doctor. “It is important to tailor each procedure to the client’s needs and offer lasting results.”

Dr. Shlomo Widder is relentless in his pursuit of the perfect posterior, and feels it is his privilege to help others find it for themselves. The “Butt Doctor” of D.C. is the only plastic surgeon in the Northern Virginia area offering buttock augmentation through the use of implants, and is extremely proud of the service he offers. From consultation to recovery, all the resources necessary are available onsite, providing peace of mind and inspiring confidence in every prospective client.

Besides buttock augmentation, Widder Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center offers an array of services, from face lifts and implants to liposuction and breast augmentation. Dr. Widder is also noted for his calf implants. With more than 25 years of industry experience, you can be certain that you’re in the right hands, whatever your needs. Contact us for more details.

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