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Plastic Surgeon
Since 1989


I want to write a review for all of the husbands who’s wife is thinking about have a cosmetic procedure. As a husband I’m sure you understand that I put my wife’s life before my own. So, when my wife told me that she was interested in breast augmentation I made sure I was there through each and every step. Fortunately, I’m a fitness professional and gym owner for 20 years. Many of my clients had this procedure from other doctors so I’m very familiar with the normal routine from the first consultation down to the last post op. My wife, on the other hand, does not have experience and never had surgery. As a cocktail waitress, at the most popular venue in the area, I can not tell you how important it is for her to be happy with the way she looks in her low V cut uniform. Fortunately, many of her co workers already had breast augmentation so she was able to consult with them. One of them completely surprised her when she told her that she had it done too. My wife said she never would of guessed, not because of the size but the way they looked and felt. She said they were done by Dr Widder. So we set up the first consultation with the doctor my clients recommended and the last one with Dr Widder. Remember, I’ve experienced a number of consultations with my past clients and none of them gave us more information and excitement than the one we had with Dr Widder. As someone who is very passionate about fitness I could really see and understand how passionate he is about his work. My past clients breast augmentation procedure took about 1.5 hours. Dr Widder explained that the procedure would take 3 hours as he would make her breast look completely natural using the best methods with his recommended saline implants. My wife also had inverted nipple correction during the same procedure. We’re both completely happy and highly recommend anyone interested in cosmetic surgery to set up a consultation with him and see for yourself.


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