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The D.C. Butt Doctor Talks About Butt Implants

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This interview is a discussion of Dr. Widder’s experience and approach and to buttock enhancement, also known as butt augmentation or even more specifically, butt implants. Dr. Widder is affectionately known as the D.C. Butt Doctor and this interview shows why! Subscribe to our blog for weekly insights and feel free to suggest topics or questions you would like answered!

Q: What are the common shapes women want to achieve with butt implant surgery?

If you read about the subject, you’ll see that different doctors are trying to define the buttocks before surgery – A shape, H shape, V shape, reverse V shape – I don’t believe in all those definitions. When a patient comes to the office, I look at them and I see what’s missing or what’s in excess. It’s a very simple way of looking at things.

For example, if the butt is flat, they may want addition.  If the hips are bulging or protruding, they can be shaped.  If the area above the buttocks is too full and doesn’t give a nice definition to the butt, it can be reduced.  If the area of the thighs – the so-called “riding breeches” – are in excess, then we can reduce that.  You can also have the situation where there’s a little shortage – if the lateral thigh area is a little depressed, for example.  In that case, I don’t usually do much, but I do the best I can to give the patient a nice, attractive shape.  The goal is to give volume to the butt and a nice silhouette for the hips and lateral thighs.

So in summary, the butt can be enlarged with an implant.  An implant can also give greater definition.  I also sometimes do some liposuction and shape up the butt so it will be attractive and in harmony with our concept of aesthetics.

I’m not a strong believer in fat injection – Some people recommend it.  My experience is that fat in such large amount doesn’t survive.  In a small amount, it’s OK. I talked about this in greater detail in a previous interview about fat injection warnings.

Q: How do you decide what’s enough butt enhancement and what’s too much? 

 The ultimate decision is with the patient. I am just a vehicle, just a means to give them what they want.  I can’t impose my own aesthetic opinion on them.  We have a discussion of what size they would like to be.  I usually try to reference the size to people in Hollywood who everybody knows – Do you want to be like her or do you want to be like her?  Do you want to be something in the middle?  Bigger? – and it’s kind of a negotiation.  Eventually, the patient comes to a decision.  Now is it always correct?  No.  I have had patients who were a little shy about the size and decided a certain size and then regretted it.  Interestingly enough, I’ve never had a patient complain about the butt being too big.  If they complain, it’s about it being too small after they decided on the size.

Q: In that case, can you augment it again?

Yes.  It’s not really doing it again completely. The pocket is already made. I may need to enlarge the pocket a little bit, usually on the upper side, but sometimes also laterally.  I usually leave the bottom the way it is.  And then I put in an implant one or two sizes bigger than what they had before. The second time around they’re usually quite happy.

 Q: How often do men get butt implants and what kind of image do you think they’re generally going for?

With men, the structure of the body is a little different and the fat distribution is different.  A man will mainly want to increase the size of the buttocks and give it a muscular, athletic look. Men aren’t getting it very commonly.  Out of the hundreds of patients I’ve done, I would say maybe 3 or 4 were men.  It probably will increase with time because butt augmentation is relatively new in terms of being in the limelight.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years, but it didn’t used to get the attention it’s getting nowadays.  Now I’m doing butt augmentation with implants almost weekly.  Before, it was once a month or even once every two months.

Cosmetic surgery on a whole is a domain of women, but more and more men are getting into it for different reasons.  Buttock implants are mainly done on gay men. I’ve never had a straight man get buttock implants.  Also, how common this surgery will be for men probably depends on which part of the country you’re in.  If you’re in Washington or New York or San Francisco, you’ll probably see more and more of that population asking for the procedure.

Q: Please talk a bit about the implants you use.  Do they come in various sizes?  Do you sculpt them to individual specifications?

Butt implant are the best and only solution, in my opinion for people who are desiring to enlarge their butt. Besides the fact that BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat injection to the butt is temporary and the fat disappears completely or almost completely, within a few months or even sooner, too many people died from that procedure, even as recent as a few weeks ago –  a 28 years old female, mother of 3, died in Miami area after undergoing BBL surgery.
   In a recent study published by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was revealed that BBL has the highest mortality rate of all cosmetic surgery. The most common cause of death is fat embolism to the lung.
     Butt implants are safe surgery and to the best of my knowledge, no one died from that surgery. Obviously, there is always a risk of complications, but that is true with any cosmetic surgery. As long as the patient follows strictly the surgeon’s instruction, the likelihood of complications is very low.
  Butt implants are permanent and do not disappear. When the procedure is done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who performed lots of butt implants surgery, the result is very attractive and natural looking.

Implants come in different shapes and sizes.  They come as either round or oval.  Then the oval type can be either round or what they call “bubble butt,” with a small amount of silicone at the top while most of it is concentrated at the bottom.  The one I use most commonly, and what I recommend if I am asked is oval and round. The silicone is distributed gradually and evenly on the anterior side of this implant, or the side of the implant that goes toward the fascia.  I put the implant on top of the muscle, under the fascia.  The sizes vary.  It depends on the company; the company that I use is AART.  Their sizes go from 190 all the way up to 700 cc of silicone.  The silicone itself is soft.  It’s a solid, not a gel, and very, very soft.

Today I had a patient in my office who had an implant done in Japan with silicone gel, which didn’t look good at all. The size of the butt wasn’t attractive and in my opinion, the implant probably ruptured. The silicone moved very easily upward and sideward.  It didn’t seem to have a frame. So I don’t use gel, and it is very uncommon in the U.S. to use the gel.  Most of the implants are soft silicone.

The most common sizes in my practice are 375 to 565.  On the Asian population who often have small bodies, I will use down to 290.  So for that population, I usually go from 290 up to about 430.  In the Hispanic population, most if the implants go up to 565, same as for the African American population.

Attractiveness is very personal.  Sometimes it’s what the patient is interested in, sometimes what a partner is interested in.  There are very different aesthetic views.  No one person really looks like the other, and everyone has their own ideas about how much they want to increase, so I have to be very attentive. I have to be very careful not to do anything that will either cause friction in a relationship or make the patient unhappy.  So, I talk very extensively about the issue of the size.

In my office, I have a large collection of implants.  Someone might even change their mind on the day of surgery, which is ok with me.  They might come in and say, “You know, I thought about it,”  “I dreamt about it,” or “I discussed it with my friends or my partner,” and they’ve decided on a different size.  That’s OK.  Another thing that determines the size is the dimensions of the patient.  The implants have length, width, and thickness.  The most important are the width and the length.  If the patient wants a large size and I try it and it looks like it’s too long, I can shape it – carve it.  That’s very rare.  I take the measurements of the patient to make sure the size will fit in, so most of the time I don’t have to carve it. It will usually be just what we selected before surgery.

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